Inside the McDonald’s with the ‘poshest’ menu in the world – they sell …

Customers can sit at sophisticated tables by a stunning fireplace while enjoy lobster rolls and Mcnuggets at this McDonald's McMansion. The unique eatery is one of a few restaurants without the iconic giant golden arch

Eating lobster and McDonald's[1] inside a mansion sounds like something out of a film, but it's possible at the McMansion in the US - which is the poshest McDonald's restaurant in the world.

The fancy fast food spot is inside a 150-year-old colonial mansion in Freeport, Maine. It is not your average McDonald's; there is no giant golden arch and it has discreet and minimalist features.

The old-time style d├ęcor brings the franchise to the level of a classy pub. From the outside it looks like a fancy hotel or a museum.

The stunning spot has a fireplace, mahogany booths, wooden chairs, candles, and more. The menu includes all the signature classics such as chicken McNuggets, and breakfast menu items such as Egg McMuffin. But, there are some unique alternatives including lobster rolls in the summer time. There is also a drive-thru at the back of the McMansion.

In 1984 McDonald's bosses were looking to build a location in Freeport but their building design restrictions blocked their plans. So, McDonald's choose to remodel an existing structure - Gore House - built by a wealthy local merchant, William Gore around 1850.

Initially, residents weren't keen on the fast food restaurant changing the vibe of their posh town. McDonald's promised to avoid using a lot of their signature red and yellow colours in the remodel. Soft and neutral colours were used to make the eatery fit in with the town's values so residents wouldn't boycott it. The makeover turned into a huge success.

It is not the only unique McDonald's in the world; the biggest restaurant is in Orlando, Florida, and there is a McDonald's in Rome with hand-carved statues at the entrance. In New Zealand there is a McDonald's where food is served from an abandoned aeroplane.

Take a look inside this posh McDonald's below.


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