Huddersfield horror crash confirmed as fatal as flowers left at scene

A person has died following a horror crash in Salendine Nook[1] on Saturday evening.

West Yorkshire Police has confirmed the collision[2] at the junction of Fortis Way and New Hey Road was fatal after emergency services rushed to the area shortly after 7pm on Saturday, November 11. Yorkshire Air Ambulance[3] also attended the scene of what is thought to have been a collision between a car and a motorcycle.

Officers from the force were seen carrying out crash scene investigations until the early hours of Sunday and a police cordon remained in place for some time. Flowers were left at the scene on Sunday morning as residents spoke of their concern and said change was needed.

Adam, 40, lives on New Hey Road. He said: "This road, every night, is used by people wanting to test out their loud exhausts. They're out at all hours going up and down. I've got a young son and I'm always worried about getting him across the road, the people going up and down make it so dangerous. It turns to a 30 not far from here but this bit that is 40 can get used like a race track.

"I'd say this has come as a shock but it's really not sadly. It isn't safe though because there are junctions all the way along, houses on each side and people on the pavements and parked cars too.

"The HGVs and lorries park on the side of the road and sometimes it makes it completely blind for people coming out of the junctions off it. Something like this was going to happen sooner or later.

New Hey Road near the scene of the crash New Hey Road near the scene of the crash

"It is very very sad, a lot of us here know the people affected and I just hope for them that this makes things change you know.

"The 40 zone needs looking at again because it just isn't safe for anyone, it needs sorting before something like this happens again."

Anne, 62, also lives close to the scene, she said: “I just feel awful for the families. It’s so tragic, you do feel a bit like you’re taking your life into your hands when you turn onto the road sometimes. Trying to back out onto it is so dangerous but what else are people who live here meant to do?”

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