Have your say: Where are the worst potholes in Surrey as county to …

Potholes - every driver's arch nemesis. It seems like they're everywhere these days - and it's likely no surprise to many of our readers that Surrey was recently dubbed as one of the worst counties in the UK for potholes.

Surrey ranks fourth in the UK as one of the “pothole[1] counties”, according to research conducted by MuckTracks, revealing the state of the road surfaces in 2023.

With 43,191 reported potholes in Surrey a year, it is hoped that fresh funding could turn[2] things around for the county. A new Government funding scheme was announced on Friday (November 17).

In order to tackle the pothole problem across the UK, an 'unprecedented' cash injection of £8.3 billion was announced by the Government. Transport Secretary Mark Harper has said the scheme is “the largest investment in local road maintenance ever".

On a visit to a project tackling potholes in West Horsley, Surrey, Mark Harper added that drivers will “see improvement straightaway” in road conditions. He said: “That money is enough to resurface over 5,000 miles of roads, so people will see a step change in the quality of local roads. For drivers, for cyclists, for bus users – anyone who uses the roads – this is a real improvement.”

Now we know Surrey is set to get a portion of this huge investment to fix its potholes - where do you think needs it the most? Is there a particular road or area you think needs some TLC?

We want to hear from you. Take part in our poll below and tell us where the worst pothole is in Surrey. If you can't see the form, click here to take part.[4]


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