Beaulieu Parkway Bridge shuts at Boreham Interchange as oil …

A two-vehicle crash forced a brand new curved bridge to be shut just weeks after it opened. Emergency services were called out to the new Beaulieu Parkway Bridge at the Boreham Interchange last night (November 18).

Pictures from the scene of the incident show at least two ambulances plus police vehicles on the new curved bridge which connects the A131 to the Boreham Interchange and the A12. The road was closed off for a period of time at around 5pm yesterday evening.

Vehicles can be seen being held on the bridge included a Tesco lorry and other cars. Police cars blocked the road at both ends with no traffic being allowed onto the bridge.

Essex Police have confirmed that the force was called out to a two-vehicle crash on the road that afternoon and work was carried out at the scene to clear the debris and assess any casualities. However, the force said no one was seriously injured and no arrests were made in connection to the crash.

The road was reopened in the evening after work by National Highways was carried out to clear some oil that had spilled on the road following the crash. The curved bridge passes over the A12's northbound carriageway[3] and is located close to where the Beaulieu Park Station is being constructed.

Police and ambulances on the Boreham Bridge on November 18 Police and ambulances on the Boreham Bridge on November 18

It's hoped the bridge will reduce congestion on some local roads in that area of the city at busy periods of the day, as well as improving access across Essex. Residents who live close to the Channels Estate will be able to use the Beaulieu Parkway Bridge to drive straight towards the interchange at Boreham.

This will allow them to access the A12 to head northbound towards Colchester[4] or southbound towards Maldon and other locations. The bridge will also allow a cut-through from the interchange towards Channels, where motorists can then access the A131 to travel towards Braintree[5].


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