Volvo’s best-selling truck celebrates 30 years of innovation

It is 30 years since Volvo introduced the FH, which went on to become the company’s best-selling truck with almost 1.4 million trucks sold in around 80 markets all over the world. New from the wheels up when it was launched in 1993, it offered excellent driveability and fuel efficiency,.

Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks, says: “The Volvo FH is the perfect representation of a customer-focused mindset and a model that has been pushing the boundaries for 30 years. In all crucial areas like driver comfort, fuel efficiency, safety and productivity, we have never stopped improving this truck. I’m very proud that today our customers can order the Volvo FH as electric-, gas- and diesel-powered.”

The Volvo FH was launched with a totally new chassis, using a design that facilitated flexible solutions for different transport applications. The model’s driveline was also paired with completely new 12- and 16-litre engines, while an all-new cab offered improved aerodynamics and driver comfort.

The innovations have continued through the years, with quality and care for the environment as the starting point. Innovation milestones over the past three decades can be seen in the driver’s airbag, the I-Shift automated gearbox and Volvo Dynamic Steering.

For the exterior design, slim design rear-view mirrors give better direct vision for the driver, while V-shaped headlamps offer both improved visibility and comfort and also give the truck its distinctive appearance.

Ylva Dalerstedt, Long Haul Segment Manager at Volvo Trucks, adds: “The first-generation Volvo FH was a game changer that totally transformed the concept of a modern truck. Since then, we have continued to set new standards in trucking and launched five further generations of this truck. Our success formula has been to make use of the very latest technology in a way that always adds clear benefits for our customers and drivers. As proof of our successful continuous improvement efforts and constant evolution, I’m very proud that the Volvo FH is the only truck that has been named ‘International Truck of the Year’ three times.”