Noisy manhole cover has ‘made life miserable’ for residents

A noisy manhole cover in Gloucester[1] is making life miserable for residents, according to a city councillor. People living in the Barton and Tredworth area of the city say they have had to put up with the annoying noise for the last three months.

Every time a vehicle goes over the manhole at the junction between Derby Road[2] and Jersey the cover knocks. And this has made it even more difficult for nearby residents to get some shut-eye during the recent hot weather.

Residents have complained about the noisy manhole cover which is understood to belong to Severn Trent Water but feel ignored by the authorities. Gloucester City Councillor[3] Usman Bhaimia (L, Barton and Tredworth) says people are very worried about the issue and it is starting to affect their health.

“People living near the junction have been struggling to sleep recently because of the hot weather and this is made worse as when they try to catch some sleep the manhole lid keeps waking them up.

"Every time a car goes over, it makes a noise. It’s having an effect on their health.

“People in the area have complained to Gloucestershire County Council and Severn Trent[5] but they say this has been in vain. It’s been a problem over the last three months.

"I’ve spoken to highways but they tell me it’s nothing to do with them but Severn Trent. This noise from the manhole lid is making life miserable to the residents of Jersey and Derby Road. This has been going on for the last three months.”

Severn Trent and Gloucestershire highways have been approached for comment.


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