Military-style truck smashes through police road block in horrifying …

A driver has been filmed repeatedly ploughing into a police road block in a military truck, sparking terror in a quiet UK village.

The driver of the private vehicle smashed into the blockade manned by cops, who he is now accused of trying to kill.

Police[1] were called to an address in Norton Fitzwarren, which is near Taunton, yesterday (Sunday, September 10) to find an army truck driving around in a strange manner, as well as the driver allegedly making threats and damaging property.

A police blockade was set up, which the man behind the wheel drove straight into.

The rampage damaged four police[2] cars and five other cars owned by locals.

Dramatic footage from the scene shows the moment he rams straight into the police blockade at speed, as a local resident captured the moment from a window in his home.

The truck rammed straight through the police blockade

The truck is seen reversing and driving back and forth into the blockade, with police trying to run after it.

It also clips a police van during the chaotic situation, before driving off.

Nobody was hurt, but a 41-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of police officers and multiple counts of suspicion of criminal damage.

A spokesman for the Avon and Somerset Police said: “A 41-year-old man has been arrested following a series of incidents in the Taunton area this afternoon (Sunday, September 10).

The 41-year-old was eventually arrested

“Officers were deployed to an address in Norton Fitzwarren at around 4.40pm following a report a man was making threats to the occupant and had caused damage to the property.

“The man left the address in a large military truck when officers arrived before driving the vehicle into two police cars blocking the road, causing them extensive damage. Thankfully, no police officers or members of the public were hurt in the incident.

“The man subsequently drove to the A361 M5 overbridge where he exited the vehicle and climbed over the railings, leading the motorway to be closed in both directions.

“The man was arrested 25 minutes later and he currently remains in police custody.”

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