Brits handed warning as ‘nuisance hotline’ sees locals get dozens …

British tourists in Bali are being warned that failing to behave could lead to their deportation.

In 2023, 13 British tourists were kicked off Indonesia's eden-like islands after locals were offered a helpline number to call and dob in problem visitors. In Bali, which saw tourism resurge back to pre-pandemic levels with 1 million tourists this year, a total of 213 travellers were ousted.

The 213 were made up of foreign nationals from 45 different countries, including the 13 from the UK, 12 from Australia[1], 59 from Russia[2] and another 14 Americans. The head of Indonesia's Ministry of Law[3] and Human Rights[4], Anggiat Napitupilu, proudly announced the number while speaking to reporters this week.

Tourists can earn the attention of the Indonesian authorities through anti-social behaviour after a number of high-profile incidents in which tourists have fragrantly disrespected Bali's culture and traditions. But in less serious cases, people can also be deported for failing to meet visa requirements or not having the right documents for travel.

The number is also expected to rise despite it already dwarfing the 188 tourist deportations last year, as several months of 2023 are still to be recorded. In addition to deportation, a major taskforce in place to tackle the unruly visitors will issue fines and carry out restorative justice - which brings locals affected by the crime and the perpetrators together in the hopes of repairing the damage caused, according to Indonesia's Director General of Immigration[5] Silmy Karim.

Locals are being asked to report any bad behaviour by a hotline. In addition to the measures, the task force will also be instituting a tourist tax to help the island preserve its rich cultural heritage.

In the recently published "good tourist guidebook", visitors have been warned against defiling the sanctity of sacred spaces and religious shrines while respecting Indonesia's customs, which includes covering up in some Muslim-majority areas and not showing the soles of your feet.

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