Air ambulance and police in ASDA car park amid incident

An incident has taken place in Tamworth, with emergency services swooping to a landmark shopping centre. A busy road through the Staffordshire market town was also partly closed off for several hours.

Photos from the scene captured an air ambulance landed on the ASDA[1] car park in Ventura Shopping Centre this morning, Sunday (Sept 10). A marked police van on blue lights could also be seen parked up.

The A5 slip road in Tamworth was closed off by emergency services, with people urged to 'avoid' the area. It was said to have reopened at around 10am.

A spokeswoman for ASDA confirmed there had been an incident on the bypass, with an air ambulance landing for support. She told BirminghamLive: "There was an accident on the bypass near the store, so the air ambulance used the car park to land the helicopter."

BirminghamLive has contacted Staffordshire Police for more information on the nature of the incident.


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