‘Abusive’ Doncaster brothers jailed after attacking police and …

A pair of Doncaster[1] brothers have been jailed after assaulting an emergency service worker and blocking a railway track.

22-year-old Kieron McCarrigle and his 24-year-old brother Paul McGarrigle were told to get off a train by the driver, after they had been drinking and were being abusive to passengers and staff on board. The driver refused to move the train forward until the nuisance pair disembarked.

The pair then threatened the driver with a glass bottle and left the platform before returning shortly afterwards and throwing a glass bottle at the train. British Transport Police officers tracked down the siblings on a bus heading to Rotherham[2], but when officers boarded the bus at Mexborough, the pair fled via the emergency exit. Officers arrested Paul while Keiron ran off.

When the officer caught Keiron, he threatened her with a glass bottle and ran off before returning to the scene of his brother's earlier arrest, punched the officer in the face and head and destroyed his police radio so he could not call for help.

Officers and a member of the public assisted in the eventual detaining and arrest of Keiron. The obstruction to the railway incurred 149 minutes of delays with one full service cancellation and two partial cancellations with a total cost of £4748.78.


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