Train chaos after lorry hit railway bridge in Coventry

Trains were severely disrupted after a lorry crashed into a railway bridge in Coventry[1]. It happened shortly after 10.20pm on Monday, May 22.

Firefighters were called to the scene in Coundon[2]. A road closure was put in place while emergency services dealt with the incident on Holyhead Road.

Crews say the lorry driver managed to free the vehicle from beneath the bridge by lowering the suspension, confirmed West Midlands Fire Service[3]. A visual inspection of the bridge was carried out and the matter was handed over to Network Rail[4].

Fans say they were left 'stranded' after watching Harry Styles[6] on the stage at the Coventry Building Society Arena[7]. Trains were reportedly cancelled from Coventry Train Station[8] to Nuneaton[9].

A spokesman for West Midlands Fire Service[10] said: “Shortly after 10.20pm on Monday, May 22, we were called to a collision between a lorry and a bridge on Holyhead Road, Coundon[11], Coventry[12]. A fire engine from Coventry[13] arrived within two minutes of being mobilised.

“A lorry driver managed to free the vehicle from beneath the bridge by lowering the suspension. Crews conducted a visual inspection of the bridge and concluded there was no damage.

“We handed the scene over to Network Rail[14] and colleagues from West Midlands Police[15] and we left the incident at 10.55pm. Road was re-opened a short time later.”

A spokesman for Coventry Building Society Arena[16] said: “Due to an incident, trains from Coventry Train Station[17] will not be travelling to Nuneaton[18], trains will continue to travel to Coventry[19] from the Arena.”

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