The Cambs town that used to have 3 train stations but now has none

Cambridge will be gaining its third train station with Cambridge South set to open in 2025. However, another place in Cambridgeshire has seen its number of stations dwindle from three to none, with the last one closing in 1968.

Wisbech[1] used to have three railway stations: Wisbech North, Wisbech East, and the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway. Now, Railfuture East Anglia is campaigning to connect Wisbech to Cambridge with a tram-train network.

The network would include a service to run every 30 minutes between Wisbech and Cambridge, according to Railfuture. More than 4,000 people signed a petition calling for Wisbech rail to reopen. Below are details on the demise of the town's previous stations.

Wisbech North

Wisbech North railway station was part of the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway. It was on Harecroft Road and a stop on the line between Sutton Bridge and Peterborough.

It opened in 1866 as Wisbeach and was renamed Wisbech in 1877, before finally being called Wisbech North in 1948. It closed for passengers in 1959, five years before it closed for freight.

Wisbech East

Wisbech East opened in 1848 and provided links to March, Watlington, and St Ives. It was part of the Great Eastern Railway network.

Two temporary structures were amalgamated under one company in 1851 when two companies handed over operation to the Eastern Counties Railway. The station was closed in 1968.

Wisbech Station in the 60s Wisbech Station in the 60s

Wisbech and Upwell Tramway

The first part of the tramway was opened in 1883 after new sidings and a brick engine shed were built for trams that traveled from Wisbech station (later Wisbech North). The station consisted of an engine shed and a turntable.

Only the turntable remained by 1925 when the London and North Eastern Railway took over responsibility for the line. The tramway closed in 1966, long after passenger services were discontinued in 1927.

Wisbech Rail Reopening Campaign

The campaign to reopen rail in Wisbech is being led by Railfuture. The petition was presented to Cambridgeshire County Council and the second phase of a study to determine how much it would cost to reopen the line will be published in the summer.

Campaigners say that Wisbech loses out by having poor transport links to Cambridge.


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