Moment car flips 360 degrees after crash on ‘death trap’ road

This is the moment a car was sent rolling in the air after a crash at a notorious junction in the Black Country. The smash took place on Wolverhampton Road, at the junction with Queensway, Oldbury[1], at 8.40pm yesterday, May 23.

Video footage captured the moment a van and car collided, with the latter vehicle sent into a 360-degree roll where it miraculously landed back on all four wheels. The van appeared to be crossing Wolverhampton Road, travelling from Parsons Hill and into Queensway, when the crash happened.

Wolverhampton Road was closed for a short time as West Midlands Police[2] and West Midlands Fire Service[3] attended the scene. West Midlands Fire Service said it was called to the scene at 8.55pm, sending two crews from Oldbury fire station.

The spokesperson said: "Two cars were involved, the road was shut for about 10 minutes. Two people had exited a vehicle of their own accord."

It is the latest in a string of crashes which have taken place in and around the junction. Another crash took place last Wednesday, May 17.

The scene of the crash on Wolverhampton Road The scene of the crash on Wolverhampton Road

A dark grey Toyota was left parked across a pavement, while a yellow Fiat sustained damage to its front end. Old Warley Cllr Jay Anandou, who is campaigning for more road safety measures, said of the latest crash: "Yet again we have an accident.

"More than 250 residents have submitted a petition to have a traffic light system that would calm down the traffic and give a better leeway for drivers passing in and out of Wolverhampton Road and Queensway. You see accidents every week and this is not acceptable, this is not fair on the residents.

"I am going to keep fighting with Sandwell Council for a better road safety measure at Wolverhampton Road and Queensway junction." Last month, BlackCountryLive visited Wolverhampton Road and found residents avoided using the junction, with Cllr Anandou labelling the road a "death trap".

Beverley Paskin, a 53-year-old mum who lives up Parsons Hill, said: "I won't use the junction to get across to work, it's too dangerous, I might late at night when the roads are clear. When I first moved in, there wasn't even a crossing.

A car parked across a pavement after a reported crash on Wolverhampton Road A car parked across a pavement after a reported crash on Wolverhampton Road


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