Live as miles of traffic builds on the M62 near Leeds after pickup …

The M62 was closed near Leeds this morning following a crash between a lorry and a pick-up truck.

Published 24th May 2023, 08:16 BST

Updated 24th May 2023, 09:54 BST

Miles of traffic built up following the collision this morning (Wednesday) within junction 28 towards Tingley[1]. The entry slip road was closed and traffic was released via the end of the slip road.

There was over 10 miles of congestion and delays of an hour and a half for commuters.

The road was fully reopened shortly after 9am but traffic remains.

There is approximately six miles of congestion on the M62There is approximately six miles of congestion on the M62 There is approximately six miles of congestion on the M62

We will provide the latest updates on this ongoing incident in our live blog below.

Live as M62 eastbound closed after lorry and pickup truck crash

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The M62 eastbound has now been fully reopened, as well as the entry slip road.

The live map feature on the National Highways website indicates that traffic has built up on the M62 eastbound from where the collision has happened within junction 28 all the way back to junction 25 for Brighouse.

National Highways have provided this statement about the ongoing incident on the M62:

There are long delays on the M62 eastbound in West Yorkshire within J28 (Tingley) due to a collision between a lorry and a pickup truck.

Recovery are on scene and in the process of removing the vehicles. The J28 entry slip road is closed and traffic on the main carriageway is passing the scene via the end of the entry slip road.

There are 10 miles of congestion on approach leading back towards J25 causing delays of 90 mins above normal travel time.

Road users are advised to plan their journeys in advance, allow extra time and consider alternative routes if possible.

Further information is available from National Highways by visiting our[3] website and travel apps, or via our regional twitter feed. Our 24/7 contact centre team is also available to provide up to the minute information on 0300 123 5000.

National Highways has now provided an update saying that 10 miles of traffic has built up and that drivers can expect delays of an hour and a half.

In its latest statement on this ongoing incident, National Highways has said that there is currently nine miles of traffic and delays of an hour for commuters.

Emergency services are at the scene and recovery work is taking place.


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