LETTER: Agreement over perfect town centre site to build new hospital

I too have wondered why the developments planned for this area and the Cockhedge Centre do not include any plans for a new hospital.

There can be no arguments about the location – just down the road from the existing site and it is easily accessible by road, rail and bus.

Having viewed the new local plan, there does not appear to be any provision for a site included in that either.

The current hospital is full to bursting. Accident and emergency is consistently using corridors as wards.

I have personally witnessed the hospital not having space in resus for new admissions, treating patients in gaps between bays.

I have also experienced the appalling delays for those waiting to be discharged but requiring help from social care.

I believe the relevant permissions and funding are all now in place, so why is the council not urgently allocating a site and putting the onus back on the Government to get it built?

Let’s hope we don’t have to wait as long as we are doing for a designated traveller site.


Gorse Covert