Drivers delay ambulance reaching injured motorist in M6 crash

Drivers delayed paramedics reaching an injured motorist on the M6 southbound today by blocking a closed lane. Lane one of four was closed following a crash between J5 and J4A, near Solihull[1], at around 3.15pm.

But drivers chose to 'ignore' the lane closure, police said, which could have been the 'difference between life and death'. Luckily, the person injured after crashing into the central reservation was treated at the scene and is now recovering.

It's understood that the motorists who used the lane will be receiving summons through the post. Police have warned other motorists to never drive down a closed lane.

Central Motorway Police Group tweeted this afternoon: "Unfortunately loads of motorists decided to ignore the closed lane and delayed us and West Midlands Ambulance Service from reaching a scene of someone requiring medical assistance. We will be sending out summons to these motorists.

"Do not drive in closed lanes. This delay could have been the difference between life and death as well as cause further traffic delays. Luckily, on this occasion, the person requiring medical assistance is now safe, well and being looked after by NHS[3]."

The crash caused 30-minute traffic delays on the major motorway. National Highways West Midlands tweeted at 3.23pm: "All lanes now open. The car which struck the central reservation has been cleared. Heavy congestion from J6 remains but this should begin to ease."


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