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Now a Sunday Times Profit 100 business with a turnover of GBP140m, Kite Packaging continues to make waves at its new premises in Puma Park, Coventry. As the only employee share-owned packaging supplier in the industry, its unique culture of partnership sets Kite distinctly apart from its competition as every member of staff is invested in delivering premium packaging and first-class customer service. Kite’s success has been made possible only by the talent, efforts and determination of Kite’s staff who are driven by a collective desire to succeed whilst sharing in the benefits of their hard work.

Kite offers invaluable education, skill development and progression opportunities across a range of departments to the right individuals and, in keeping with the growth seen in 2022, is now seeking new recruits to help it soar above the rest and reach new heights in 2023.

Since its founding, Kite has invested heavily in training and nurturing its own talent, launching an apprenticeship and graduate scheme in its very first year of business. Both remain fundamental to the company’s success to this day and have seen many participants go on to become valued members of the Kite family.

The most recent iteration of the Graduate Management scheme is now in its eighth year of succession and gives new graduates the opportunity to gain practical, on-the-job experience whilst using their unique skills to thrive and grow into Kite’s future leaders. The two-year programme consists of four six-month placements, each at a different location, and sees graduates gaining valuable insight of the company’s operation whilst being supported by a Kite Managing Partner. While the first placement involves getting to know the business, graduates can also expect to be involved in areas such as general and commercial management, logistics and supply chain, purchasing procurement, and finance, as well as being responsible for targeting and managing new and existing accounts.

Recently, one graduate led carbon neutrality research and calculations, facilitating Kite’s carbon neutrality for the second consecutive year, a key achievement in the company’s continued commitment to sustainability. The same graduate is involved in a warehouse-sourcing project for Kite’s newest North-West RDC and, upon completing the programme, will also become the Operations Manager at this location. Meanwhile another participant was involved with a series of warehouse efficiency projects, leading to the implementation of a drone for stock-checking, and enabled Kite to maintain its swift order fulfilment and OTIF of over 99% by allowing warehouse operatives to focus on pick, pack and despatch processes.

This participant will also progress onto a significant managerial role, becoming the Commercial Manager of Kite’s Sittingbourne RDC once they have completed the scheme. Past years have seen graduates become product specialist, with some even going on to become future managing partners. It is through this careful cultivation of talent that Kite introduces fresh perspectives, intellect and skills into the packaging industry, empowering the company to produce phenomenal results year after year.

Similarly encouraging progression and on-the-job learning, 2022 saw five existing Kite staff members enrol onto the BSc (Honours) Packaging Professional degree apprenticeship at Sheffield Hallam University. This new qualification combines studying a university course alongside 30+ hours of work a week, allowing individuals to gain valuable industry experience in addition to specialist learning. Areas of study include Art & Design, sustainability, materials science, testing and regulations, and manufacturing and production to name a few.

This provides a detailed insight into the packaging industry and is a perfect opportunity for students to gain a specialised qualification without having to pay any student fees, all while earning a salary. The company also acquires highly skilled workers equipped with the knowledge to shape not only the future of Kite, but also the future of packaging. This scheme has been relaunched as an Apprenticeship Management Programme in 2023 with the company seeking candidates new to the business, ideally having completed college or A Levels, looking for an alternative to university.

As an employee share-owned company, Kite recognises the undeniable importance of continued growth to unlock far greater potential as a collective and inevitably attains success after success thanks to this consistent attitude. For individuals with a talent for selling who are looking to develop this into a rewarding career in field sales, look no further than Kite’s Business Development Manager Programme. Now in search for 2023’s cohort of managers, Kite is after aspiring individuals ready to become future experts of the business.

Potential and personal drive take precedence over industry experience in this programme as individuals are encouraged to apply their unique skills to achieve truly remarkable sales results. The role sits within candidates’ local Kite RDC as they are mentored through the up-to two-year programme. Many have excelled at this role whilst enjoying uncapped growth opportunities.

Equally nurturing is Kite’s Telesales Academy which focuses on individuals with excellent interpersonal and communicative skills. Under the wing of Kite’s leading sales experts, participants benefit from education, support and training, eventually graduating to manage key accounts, make outreach calls, answer enquiries etc whilst being incentivised by commission-based rewards. As with all of Kite’s programmes, this too has been a major contributing factor to the company’s fast growth.

Kite’s success demonstrates the triumphs of a business centred on partnership and sharing wealth created with everyone involved. The company in turn invests back into the people who have helped it succeed, providing training and opportunities for betterment where it can. Kite’s move into its new campus, featuring an educational facility like no other in the industry, is exemplary of the company’s commitment to its people.

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