Round-up of recently-heard cases in North and West Cumbria

Police sting caught 62-year-old who planned sexual encounter with 14-year-old
A 62-year-old Carlisle man arranged a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old boy unaware that he was blundering into an online police sting operation.
When Keith Fisher was conf…

77 Northern stations to have new customer information screens

To improve the display of information, train operator Northern is to install more than 100 new customer information screens at 77 of its stations.
They new screens have white LEDs that make them more legible from a further distance away. They also have…

Sunak announces massive transport investment after scrapping HS2

NEW RULE: The Prime Minister pledged to spend the £36billion on hundreds of new transport projects in the North and the Midlands (Image: Getty)
In a significant policy shift, Rishi Sunak today confirmed that the Birmingham-Manchester leg of HS2 would b…