Israeli electric motor startup opens India plant

An Israeli startup specializing in electric motors is starting operations in a greenfield plant in India, in the first manufacturing operation for an Israeli automotive company in the subcontinent. EVR Motors[1] specializes in high power-density electric motors[2] that are small, lightweight and cost-effective, helping slash manufacturing and assembly costs. A key component of its motor, called trapezoidal geometry coils, is now set to be produced at a facility in Manesar, near New Delhi, and be operated by I.EVR Motors, a subsidiary of the Israeli startup.

The Manesar facility is designed to provide coils for some 20,000 motors per month, with plans to expand to around 100,000 to meet the demands for electric vehicles in the Indian and global markets. EVR Motors has already signed commercial agreements with players in the Indian automotive industry, which are set to see EVR's motors beginning to be manufactured this year. These motors are designed to suit two- and three-wheelers, passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, e-buses and boats.

The EVR electric motor line.
pPhoto by Kseniia PoliakThe EVR electric motor line. Photo by Kseniia Poliak

"The opening of our new manufacturing plant in Manesar marks a major milestone in EVR's mission to transform electric mobility through pioneering motor technologies," said EVR Motors chairman Nick Rogers. "By establishing our own production facility for these electric motor coils, we're securing a critical component and ensuring a robust, stable supply chain for our customers.

This vertical integration strategy underpins our company's growth plans, not only for India but also for our global operations." The Petah Tikva-based startup was founded in 2012, and has seen investments from, among others, Check Point co-founder Marius Nacht. Its CEO, Opher Doron, was previously the head of the Israel Aerospace Industries' space division that designed and constructed SpaceIL's Beresheet lunar lander[3].


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