Freeport Middle School students bury 50-year time capsule

FREEPORT (WGME) - Some kids in Freeport are hoping to make history. Seventh graders from Freeport Middle School buried a time capsule in Memorial Park Friday. They included items such as a COVID test, photos of their class, Friday's newspaper, which features former President Donald Trump's guilty verdict on the front page, and a list of endangered species.

The hope was that they would also unearth a time capsule from 1970, but unfortunately, they were unable to find it and fear that it may have been stolen when the park was vandalized four years after the capsule was buried. "It was a concrete pipe that we sealed with silicone, which had just been invented," KC Hughes, who helped bury the time capsule in 1970, said. "I'm pretty sure and then we rode down here and I think the hole was already dug, and we put it in the ground back then; I was afraid it might, it might disappear." "We do know the new time capsule is coming and probably the coordinates and the location will be much better documented," Darrel Fournier of the Freeport Time Capsule Committee said.

The plan is to dig up the container that was buried Friday in 2074.