Colombia roundup: Bucaramanga wastewater plant, new 4G road and rail corridor

Colombia roundup: Bucaramanga wastewater plant, new 4G road and rail corridor

Colombian President Gustavo Petro's government will not support the 1tn-peso (US£261mn) Rio Oro wastewater treatment plant project, considered one of the most important infrastructure initiatives in Bucaramanga, capital of Santander department, reported councilor Jose Cavanzo. Cavanzo said that despite being a strategic project included in the national development plan, the government claimed there are no resources to finance it. According to Cavanzo, given the importance of the project, the local administration and the region's congress could seek resources from international banks.

Road corridor The 198km Neiva-Espinal-Girardot fourth-generation road corridor was opened, which should improve connectivity in the interior of the country with the coffee and rice production centers of El Huila and Tolima, as well as the strategic route towards the south and Ecuador. The corridor required investment of 1.2tn pesos and the works included bridges, second carriageways, improvements and repairs to the existing single carriageway, among other things.

The route will benefit around 603,000 residents. La Dorada-Chiriguana concession The 2.5tn-peso La Dorada-Chiriguana rail project is due to be awarded by the end of 2024, the president of infrastructure agency ANI, Francisco Ospina, told congress.

The official said the finance ministry and the national planning authority have provided the necessary resources.

The 522km corridor is considered the backbone of Colombia's freight rail reactivation as it will connect the center of the country with the Caribbean, and in the future it should also connect with other lines.