10,000 RPM, Two Turbos and Three Electric Motors for Lamborghini’s new V8

It might be two cylinders down on the Huracan[1] but the new Lamborghini Temerario is set to pack a V8 engine with even more power. The engine is "a clean sheet design," says Chief Technical Officer Rouven Mohr and it will be coupled with a hybrid system featuring three electric motors which mean it could potentially match the V12 Revuelto[2] for performance. How much is your car to insure?

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"I can guarantee you this twin-turbo V8 combines the celebrated Lamborghini V10[4] emotional progression through the linear torque curve on one hand with a high power and specific torque of a state-of-the-art new generation turbo engine," adds Mohr. The four-litre motor is a "Hot V" with its two turbochargers mounted between the cylinder banks, and that's just the start of its sophisticated spec. There's a flat plane crankshaft, titanium conrods, central direct injection, and finger follower valvetrain all pushing the redline to a heady 10,000 rpm.

It will sound no less epic than the V10 it replaces, says Lamborghini. "A crucial element of the design process was to refine the sound, to give the new powerplant a unique and distinctive character and deliver the driver an unparalleled driving experience. The characteristics of the new V8 intensify in a crescendo that at high revs reaches its peak in terms of volume and frequency content and this, in harmony with the vibrations transmitted to the chassis by the flat-plane crankshaft, creates an all-encompassing sensory experience." Peak power of 789 bhp comes in at 9,000-9,750rpm with 538 lbft of torque available from 4,000-7,000 revs.

Mounted between the engine and the dual-clutch transmission is an axial flux electric motor throwing a further 110 kW (147 bhp) and an extra 300 Nm (221 lbft) into the mix. Two additional electric motors will be fitted to the front axle, and if they're the same units as on the Revuelto they'll boost overall power by almost another 300 horses. That would put the Temerario comfortably ahead of rivals such as the Ferrari 296 GTB[5] and McLaren Artura[6].

The Temerario is expected to make its debut in August with an appearance at Monterey Car Week looking very likely.

Lamborghini LB634_V8_Engine (3)


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