National freeport opportunities 101

Being in such varied locations across the UK, they serve as important gateways into European and global markets. There are several benefits including tax concessions and infrastructure incentives. But also, as custom free zones, they will help to boost redevelopment and government support to promote regeneration and innovation.

Substantial regional growth will create many opportunities for directors to grow their businesses. This webinar, hosted by Alistair Elder, IoD Trade Advisory Group and co-Chair Governance and Policy Group, will bring key stakeholders together to discuss the Freeport strategy and how it can benefit you. We have an exciting range of speakers from across the UK who will discuss what this means for business, how to access support, HMRC advice including funding and what can be done to enhance skills to build the workforce needed.

Joining links will be sent out approximately 24 hours before the webinar; alternatively, use the link in your booking confirmation email to complete pre-registration and receive your unique code.