Truck & Driver’s Truckstuff Tony timewarp! A goldmine of lost truck pics from 2011-17.

We were surprised and delighted to find the old Truckstuff Tony email inbox was still online this week. Dormant since 2017, we discovered it's packed full of truck photos readers had been sending in, starting from 2011. It's a proper time warp and we've even been able to get in touch with some of you who sent those pictures.

There's lots of trucks that have since pretty much vanished from our roads, as well as hauliers no longer in business.  It's time for these pictures to see the light of day in 2024! We will be working our way through the collection with a regular series here on the website.

Here's the first selection, sent to us during spring 2011. If you recognise any of these trucks and know where they are or what happened to them, get in touch via email, [email protected]

FH16 of Somerscales hard at work hauling a large steel beam Fantastic shot of a Renault Premium tag outfit on timber work.

The winter of 10/11 was one of the harshest on record A gleaming ERF EC11 rigid, many operators held onto their ECs for a long time and there are still quite a few at work today.

An Iveco Trakker double-drive unit with ejector trailer from Yuill and Dodds. These were a rare sight when new.

A Scania 143 still hard at work in Malta (we think, may be wrong) We hope you enjoyed this article!

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