Lorry driver’s miracle escape after horror motorway crash leaves him with minor injuries

A lorry driver[1] performed a miracle escape after a motorway[2] crash, with the man receiving just a few minor injuries in the death-defying crash.

The unnamed trucker was driving along the M6 on Thursday, January 11 when a tyre blow caused him to crash through a fence on a busy motorway. He managed to veer through traffic and across the inside lane on the hard shoulder before smashing through a fence. Debris was seen all across the carriageway as the truck plunged into a ditch. Luckily the driver of the vehicle was reportedly in good nick, with a few cuts and bruises sorted at Walsall Manor Hospital[3].

The horror crash, which took place between junctions six and seven at 2.45pm near Birmingham, was confirmed by Central Motorway Police Group. A CMPG spokesperson said on X, formerly Twitter[4]: "Yesterday, another HGV leaving the Motorway just past Junction 7 of the M6 South, as a result of a tyre blow out.

Doctor reveals why dry January will 'never work' - 4 ways to reduce alcohol intake[5] M6 truck crash The driver of this truck made it out of the crash with only minor injuries ( CMPG / SWNS)

"Driver was very fortunate to get out alive with minor injuries. Please check your tyres regularly for yours and everyone’s else’s safety!" The lucky driver appears to have cheated death with the crash, as his lorry could be seen smashing through a fence and heading through a barrier, with the HGV left in a ditch following the horror crash.

CCTV[6] footage of the incident has since been published, with the man told he was "very lucky to be alive" by one social media user. They wrote: "He’s very lucky to be alive from the looking at that video." Another added: "Great footage showing the importance of good tyre safety and the immense power that these lorries travel with when out of control."


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