Leapmotor C10: A new SUV from Stellantis for Europe

Let's get ready for a new Chinese mid-size SUV that could soon become a "familiar face" on our roads. We're talking about the Leapmotor C10, the electric or plug-in hybrid SUV that, at 4.73 metres long, is preparing to land in Europe from late summer 2024.

Pre-sales of the Leapmotor C10 have just started in the Chinese domestic market with a base price of almost €19,400 (approx. £16,700) at today's exchange rate, while European price lists are not yet known.


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However, before we can see and drive it in person, we have already summarised all the features of the Leapmotor C10. The C10 will also be imported to Europe thanks to the establishment of the joint venture Leapmotor International with a 51 per cent share by Stellantis and 49 per cent by Leapmotor.

Leapmotor C10

Leapmotor C10

Let's start with the dimensions, which give us a length of 4.73 metres, a width of 1.90 metres and a height of 1.68 metres. This makes the Chinese SUV roughly the same size as the Tesla Model Y[1], the new Skoda Kodiaq[2] or the Mazda CX-60[3], while its rivals also include the Seat Tarraco[4], Renault Espace[5], Toyota RAV4[6] and Nissan X-Trail.

  Leapmotor C10 Length 4,739 mm Width 1,900 mm Height 1,680 mm Wheelbase 2,825 mm

Inside, the Leapmotor C10 offers five seats and a decidedly minimalist dashboard with a 14.6-inch touchscreen in the centre. Practical: a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster is located in front of the driver.

Leapmotor C10

Infotainment and management of the vehicle's various functions are handled by the Leapmotor OS 4.0 operating system, which is powered by a Snapdragon 8295 chip from Qualcomm (8155 in the basic version). The optional automated driving system is controlled by a front LiDAR sensor, five radars, 12 cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors.

Leapmotor C10 Leapmotor C10

In the pure electric version (with rear-wheel drive like the plug-in hybrid), the Leapmotor C10 is powered by an electric motor on the rear axle with 228 bhp (170 kW) of power and 320 Nm of torque.

The lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery supplied by CLAB with a capacity of 69.9 kWh guarantees an electric range of 329 miles (530 kilometres) in the Chinese CLTC approval cycle.

Leapmotor C10 Leapmotor C10

The plug-in hybrid version of the Leapmotor C10 is in practice a range extender or EREV, in the sense that although it can be charged from a socket like all other PHEVs, the combustion engine has no mechanical connection to the wheels and is only used to charge the battery.

Leapmotor C10

Jump engine C10

The 1.5-litre petrol engine with 94 bhp has the task of charging the 28.4 kWh LFP battery, which always powers the 228 bhp rear electric motor. This gives the C10 EREV an electric range of 130 miles (210 km), while the total range (electric+petrol) in the CLTC cycle is 739 miles (1,190 km).

Leapmotor C10

Leapmotor C10, i sedili posteriori

Leapmotor C10

Leapmotor C10 EREV, la meccanica

With this motorisation, it is questionable whether it will be sold in Europe, as no Chinese range extender has yet been imported to the old continent (apart from the LEVC TX[7]).

  Leapmotor C10 Electric Leapmotor C10 plug-in hybrid Engine Electric Electric + Petrol Power output 228 bhp 228 bhp Drive Rear Rear Battery 69.9 kWh LFP 28.4 kWh LFP Electric range 329 miles 130 miles


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