Roads closed as bus gets trapped under bridge – recap

Traffic was blocked in Ashby on Thursday morning (May 18) after a bus became trapped under a railway bridge. Police were called at 8.30am to Station Road, where the bus had become stuck. We were at the scene and covered this incident live.

Officers at the scene diverted araffic around the incident, while Lower Packington Road, which links to Station Road, was closed. A spokeswoman for the force[1] said passengers on the bus at the time left the vehicle safety and uninjured after the crash.

The bus remained under the bridge for around two hours, while traffic built up[2] behind it.

Note: This has been updated to state that passengers were on the bus at the time. Leicestershire Police initially reported that there were not. It has been confirmed that nobody was injured.

We are covering this incident live. Follow all the latest traffic updates in the blog posts below.


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