L.A.C launches next generation warehouse software

A convergence of technological innovation, economic forces and labour factors are driving the rapid growth of warehouse automation to meet the demands on supply chains. In the last several years, consumers have shifted more of their shopping online vs. in-store, leaving warehouses working harder to keep up with demand volatility.

Automation is proving an effective way to solve some of these supply chain problems however successful implementation is reliant on software integration and stable technologies.

L.A.C offer an impressive technology toolbox comprising of ASR (automated storage & retrieval systems), AMR (autonomous mobile robots) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven robotic palletising and de-palletising solutions. To complement this technology LAC have developed their own in-house WCS (Warehouse Control System) platform HELIX. HELIX offers a new generation of warehouse control logistics software with a cost-effective price point.

HELIX includes a complete material flow control service with interfaces to all major PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) platforms along with unique modules for the following; o6-axis robot cell’s oAMR robotic solutions

oASR control systems oConveyor control systems oPacking and bagging machine integration including carrier management

oPrint and apply systems oThird-party device gateway integration oA full suite of standard API’s is included with each package and optional customised API’s to meet the client system requirements

oCondition monitoring HELIX offers end-to-end visibility of the automation chain, which enables tracking of the material flow and barcodes through the system along with algorithms which enable optimsation strategies such as dynamically selecting the optimal transport route or interleaving and adjusting material routing in case of equipment failures. The functionality and benefits of Helix WCS;

oEfficiency in operations: the software coordinates the movements of all the automated equipment in the installation to ensure its effectiveness oMaximum throughput: the WCS (Warehouse Control System) enables the handling equipment to perform combined product entry and exit cycles, maximising flow rate oMachinery/software integration: incorporating a HELIX makes it possible to integrate the operation of the machinery with higher-level software that establishes criteria and operating rules to adjust to workflows in the installation

oOperator dashboards: Intuitive, graphical dashboards that visualise data and provide actionable insights to continuously improve material flow and equipment ROI oMaintenance efficiencies with condition monitoring: The control centre removes the client’s requirement for large maintenance teams by reporting likely failures to our service departments before equipment suffers catastrophic failure. Vibration, temperature, current, humidity are all monitored with process variables displayed via the intuitive dashboards

If you have a warehouse automation challenge or opportunity that is not met by your current software, please get in touch to discuss further