Rural Electrification 2.0

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Ford F150 Lightning kicking dust on a dirt road.
J.Repak Productions

Growing up in rural America, my first vehicle–like many of my friends–was a truck. Like many before me, moving to a …

Smart Transportation Market 2022

Quadintel published a new report on the Smart Transportation Market. The research report consists of thorough information about demand, growth, opportunities, challenges, and restraints. In addition, it delivers an in-depth analysis of the st…

How Russian businesses are skirting sanctions

TekhnoVita, a manufacturing equipment distributor based in the Russian city of Samara along the Volga River, is fighting for its survival. Ms. Varzhitskaya’s next stop was Kyrgyzstan.
“No one is putting their hands down or giving up,” the 32-year-old s…

Clean waste collection in Gothenburg

The waste truck glides with ease through the empty streets in the early morning hours. It stops and starts as it goes door to door without leaving smelly, dark fumes in its wake. Inside the truck cabin, relaxed workers are talking to each other. The su…

3PL GoBolt expands to U.S.

A Canadian third-party logistics company that recently expanded into the U.S. has big goals to improve the American supply chain and to do so sustainably by reaching 12.75 million households with electric vehicles.
The company will forward place produc…