Private staff called into public hospitals


Private staff called into public hospitals

Tens of thousands of private hospital staff will be diverted to the public system nationally, as the healthcare system buckles under the strain of the pandemic.
What we know:

More than 100,000 …

Why DEF is the trucking acronym that gets my blood boiling

DEF. I don’t think there is a more hated acronym in all of trucking. DOT even pales in comparison. Would you rather a CRA audit, or DEF issues?
“Alex, I’ll take CRA audits for $1,000 please.”
DEF, of course, stands for diesel exhaust fluid. Unfortunate…

IEA report on Canada welcomes SMR developments

17 January 2022
The International Energy Agency’s (IEA’s) Canada 2022: Energy Policy Review has found that, since the last IEA review in 2015, Canada has made a series of enterprising international and domestic commitments and has made progress towa…