Exposed, the brazen Turkish people-traffickers selling tickets to Britain for £10,000

In a brightly lit travel agent’s office off a busy Istanbul street, the people-smuggler told his lies with a winning smile. It would only take 20 minutes to cross the Channel in a small boat, he said. Once in England, it would be easy to find well-paid work and for relatives to follow. Scared of drowning? Don’t be, he said: hundreds of thousands of people had already made the same journey and only a couple of them had lost their lives. The rest were living happily in the UK. All this, he said, for a very reasonable price of about £10,000.

It was lies like these, told by a chain of traffickers stretching from the Middle East to the UK, that led Rasoul Iran-Nejad and

Four injured in car and lorry crash on A14 towards Cambridge

Four people have been injured in a crash between a car and lorry on the A14 today (June 11).

Cambridgeshire Police[1] were called at 11.11am on Friday, June 11, with reports of the collision, which blocked the road and resulted in increased congestion in the area.

The accident was confirmed to have involved an Audi Q3 and a HGV on the A14 Eastbound near Godmanchester.

According to a police statement, police officers, paramedics, and fire crews all attended the scene.

The local force also said four people have received treatment for minor injuries as a result of the crash.

The incident has led to severe delays and over five miles of queues on the A-road towards central Cambridge[2].

The exit slip road and one lane have been closed. Drivers are advised to plan ahead if they intend on using this route.

At the time of writing, the AA was reporting severe delays of 31 minutes on the A14 Eastbound, with vehicles queuing between Junction 21 at Brampton Hut to J23 at Godmanchester.

Follow our live blog for all the latest information on this incident here.[3][4]


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