Birmingham Clean Air Zone map, zone, and when to pay as charges are introduced

The Clean Air Zone charges are due to start on Monday
The Clean Air Zone charges are due to start on Monday

The council initiative aims to improve air quality in the city centre and discourage drivers – particularly those in high-polluting vehicles – from entering the heart of Birmingham[1].

However, that has now come to an end, meaning charges will now be enforced.

Birmingham Clean Air Zone map

Birmingham Clean Air Zone map

Every road inside the A4540 Middleway ring road is included.

The Middleway, which encircles Birmingham city centre, is not included, but the A38 and its tunnels are, along with areas such as New Street, Digbeth, Lee Bank and Ladywood.

Affected postcodes include B1, B10, B12, B15, B16, B18, B19, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7 and B9.

More than 300 signs have been put up around the area to tell motorists when they are entering the zone, while 67 Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras will read registration plates of vehicles entering and leaving.

Those with high-polluting vehicles will have to pay due to the higher levels of nitrogen dioxide emitted.

That includes anyone with diesel vehicles built before 2015 and petrol models built prior to 2006, along with electric, hydrogen fuel cell and hybrid electric vehicles.

The charges are:

  • Cars, taxis and vans – £8

  • Buses, coaches and HGVs – £50

More than 300 Clean Air Zone warning signs have been put up around Birmingham

More than 300 Clean Air Zone warning signs have been put up around Birmingham

The fees renew at midnight each day (so if someone enters the zone at 11.50pm and leave 20 minutes later at 12.10am, they will have to pay for two days). However, motorists can enter the zone as many times as they like each day, and not have to pay for each journey.

There is no discount for entering each day, meaning a car driver could pay up to £40 per five-day working week, while lorry drivers could face a £250 bill over the same period.

The charges operate seven days a week, 365 days a year.

It will be the driver’s responsibility to pay as alerts will not be sent out (the only warning is from roadside signs).

Motorists can pay on the Government clean air zone website or by calling the Government’s clean air zone team on 03000 298888.

Drivers have a 13-day payment window; six days before travel, on the day, or six days after.

Anyone who doesn’t pay within that time frame faces a £120 fine, which will be reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days of it arriving in the post.

Money raised will go towards funding sustainable transport measures, such as walking and cycling routes and public transport.

Middleway marks the edge of the Clean Air Zone, but is not included

Middleway marks the edge of the Clean Air Zone, but is not included

Emergency and armed forces vehicles won’t have to pay, along with some commercial vehicles operating at businesses within the zone. City centre firms can also apply for temporary permits for a maximum of two vehicles.

Some residents inside the zone, or commuters travelling in, can apply for a temporary exemption and/or financial incentives if they earn under £30,000 a year.

These incentives, such as money towards a cleaner car, can be applied via[2].

People travelling for certain medical appointments can also apply for an exemption.


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Lorry driver’s heroics help prevent man from jumping off bridge

A heroic lorry driver helped save the life of a young man sitting over the M62 in Warrington.

The incident took place on Tuesday (June 8) when a man climbed over the railing of the M62 bridge[1] and sat at the edge.

When the lorry driver spotted the man, near Junction 9 at Winwick[2], he positioned his truck directly underneath him.

A distressing picture has now emerged of the man sitting on the edge on the edge, looking down, with the lorry below him.

The image, first reported by LeedsLive[3], has been shared by dozens, praise being posted for the driver of the heavy goods vehicle.

One individual said: “Well done to that lorry driver. Hope the person on the bridge gets the help they need.”

While another added: “Trucker is a good human and deserves the utmost respect.”

Vulnerable Citizen Support Leeds posted: “IT’S OKAY – NOT TO BE OKAY.

“This is a picture from the M62 Motorway Bridge – a passerby has posted it to raise awareness of the situation at hand.

“What people don’t understand is that to jump on the other side of any bridge – indicates something drastically wrong with their mental health. But what’s next……..?

Got something to say on this story? Let us know[4].

“I have family who have been at this point before and still had to wait a week for an appointment when she found herself on top of a bridge – this post is to raise that awareness that – IT’S OKAY – NOT TO BE OKAY – and you can or should speak out.

“What a trucker – stopping on the hard shoulder and leaving his truck there – to ensure when he did jump – it wasn’t a longer distance to the floor.”

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Yorkshire Ripper’s prison CD player with crude self-portrait on sale for £7,000

The Yorkshire Ripper’s old Broadmoor boombox has gone on sale – for £7,000.

The garish stereo – adorned with a crude self-portrait of evil former owner Peter Sutcliffe – is up for offers on a US crime memorabilia site.

Sutcliffe, who died of Covid-19 at 74 in November, had the portable sound system in the late 1980s while held in the secure Berkshire hospital.

The source who revealed the macabre sale said: “Sutcliffe was a big pop fan but having this in your house would mean anything but easy listening.”

What is your view? Have your say in the comment section

The killer’s boombox on US crime site
The killer’s boombox on US crime site

The killer, a fan of Neil Young and U2, emblazoned the CD/cassette player with a cartoon-style image of himself surrounded by a crescent moon, a star and black spirals on the top in black marker.

He dated his handiwork as September 5 1987 – six years after his trial – and added his initials PWS.

He also scrawled the message “hands off” in an apparent warning to fellow patients.

On the back the monster had written a quote from US ad guru William Bernbach which begins: “Nothing is so powerful as an insight into human nature… what compulsion drive a man, what instincts dominate his action.”

Lorry driver Sutcliffe’s horrific actions led to him being given 20 concurrent life sentences after killing at least 13 women and attempting to murder seven others between 1975 and 1980.

Supernaught, the website selling the antiquated music player, has a long history of trading his former possessions.

He scribbled over it and drew a self-portrait
He scribbled over it and drew a self-portrait

Predator Sutcliffe was said to have had a wide-ranging taste in music including reggae, Mozart, The Who, the Eurythmics and Joan Baez.

His vile and infamous crimes also inspired some bands including punks Siouxsie and the Banshees, who wrote lyrics about the killer on their track Night Shift.

Police find lorry driver fast asleep on the hard shoulder of the M67

A lorry driver was found fast asleep on the hard shoulder of the M67[1].

Traffic police spotted the Scania lorry parked up on the hard shoulder of the five-mile motorway which runs through Tameside[2] to Mottram.

They found the driver ‘having 40 winks’ at the roadside.

The driver was issued with a traffic offence report and moved along.

GMP Traffic posted a picture of the lorry on Twitter on Friday evening.

Alongside the picture, an officer wrote: “Traffic Officer #ME44 was travelling along the #M67 when they saw this HGV parked up on the hard shoulder.

“Turns out the driver was having 40 winks and was fast asleep.

“The driver was swiftly woken, issued a TOR and moved on! #planyourroute @NWmwaypolice.”


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Newcastle woman, 23, almost lost her arm after it was crushed by a lorry

These are the gruesome injuries sustained by a Newcastle-[1]born musician after she almost lost her arm when a lorry drove over it.

Cellist Laura Armstrong’s main artery was destroyed, meaning she needed a vein graft during emergency surgery.

What followed was a series of major operations, including an 11 hour procedure involving skin and nerve grafts. Almost two years on, she’s still undergoing significant treatment.

Devastatingly, the 23-year-old’s injuries also meant she was unable to continue with her master’s degree at the Royal College of Music.

Now she fears her injuries will prevent her realising her dream of becoming a professional cellist.

“I remember picking my arm up from the road and my fingers were white and wouldn’t move,” said Laura, who now lives in London.

“There was blood on the road. It was terrifying and excruciatingly painful. I never imagined one could be in such pain.

Laura Armstrong
Newcastle-born Laura Armstrong, 23, almost lost her arm after it was crushed by a lorry (Image: Irwin Mitchell)

She was on her way to meet friends for lunch the collision happened in October 2019.

A keen cyclist, she was riding through Stratford when a lorry driver turned left across the cycle lane, in order to turn onto a road. The lorry then collided with Laura and drove over her right arm.

Laura recalled: “The crash happened so quickly. I was cycling in the cycle lane and suddenly the lorry turned directly across my path and I ended up under the lorry.

“The surgeons told me they were very close to amputating my arm but they were amazing and managed to save it.

Laura Armstrong
Newcastle-born Laura Armstrong, 23, almost lost her arm after it was crushed by a lorry (Image: Irwin Mitchell)

“As a musician, what they did for me goes beyond words and I will always be thankful.”

She remained in The Royal London Hospital for 12 days after the incident as she underwent extensive treatment.

She added: “What happened that day continues to affect me still, both physically and emotionally. The accident has had a huge impact on my ability to do everyday things, including having to learn to write with my left hand.

“I have very little feeling in my right hand and limited movement in my arm and my greatest challenge is not knowing what the future holds for my career and if I will be able to become a cellist. I have an incredible professor, Raphael Wallfisch, and the Royal College of Music has helped me throughout my recovery.

“Music is hugely important to me so I am determined to keep trying.”

Laura Armstrong cellist
Newcastle-born Laura Armstrong, 23, almost lost her arm after it was crushed by a lorry (Image: Irwin Mitchell)

Besides a series of grafts, two plates were inserted for a fracture. She’s just recently undergone further surgery.

She was forced to defer her place whilst she underwent rehabilitation, putting the brakes on a promising career in which she toured Britain, Scandinavia and Singapore and performed with world famous conductors and composers including Sir Mark Elder and the late Oliver Knussen.

Laura instructed expert serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to help her access the specialist rehabilitation and therapies she requires.

And she’s also joined the firm in supporting the consultation on changes to The Highway Code. One of the proposals – under rule H3 – will require motorists to give priority to cyclists when the driver is turning in or out of a junction or changing direction or lane.

Anna Pask, the specialist serious injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing Laura, said: “Laura has faced an incredibly difficult time as she has attempted to come to terms with her injuries and the impact they’ve had on her life.

The graphic injuries sustained by Laura Armstrong after a lorry crushed her arm
The graphic injuries sustained by Laura Armstrong after a lorry crushed her arm

“The team at The Royal London did a fantastic job in saving Laura’s arm and while she has made progress in her recovery to date, she still faces many challenges ahead and will never regain full use of her arm.

“Given we represent people on a daily basis whose lives have been shattered as a result of death or serious injury on our roads, we support the proposed changes to The Highway Code as a welcome revision to assist all road users and improve road safety.

“We’re determined to support Laura so she can make the best possible recovery.”

The graphic injuries sustained by Laura Armstrong after a lorry crushed her arm
Newcastle-born Laura Armstrong, 23, almost lost her arm after it was crushed by a lorry (Image: Irwin Mitchell)

The proposed new Rule H3 sets out that drivers should not cut across cyclists going ahead, when turning into or out of a junction, or changing lane. This applies to cyclists using a cycle lane, cycle track or riding ahead on the road. Drivers should give way.

And although Laura has not returned to cycling since the collision, she says: “Cycling is more popular than ever and is important to ensure people remain active. So it’s vital that everyone feels safe on the roads.

“The proposed changes to the Highway Code could definitely help.”


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Why Ford’s Electric F-150 Lightning Is Bullish

Some auto investors were initially unimpressed by Ford Motor Company’s (NYSE: F)[1] reveal of its battery-electric F-150 Lightning last month. After all, if Ford is simply defending its pickup-truck turf from new entrants as the world transitions to el…