Thieves nick 150 e-scooters worth £100k after cutting through wall of Scots shop

BRAZEN thieves made off with around 150 e-scooters worth £100,000 from a shop in an overnight raid – after cutting through a unit wall.

Stunned staff at Scoot-A-Boot in Loanhead, Midlothian, discovered the huge heist when they turned up for work yesterday morning.

E-scooters worth around £100k were nicked from the Midlothian store


E-scooters worth around £100k were nicked from the Midlothian storeCredit: The Sun
Owner Rory has been left devastated


Owner Rory has been left devastatedCredit: The Sun

It is believed the theft specifically happened between midnight and around 2am. 

The approximate value of the stolen goods is £100,000 – with up to 150 e-scooters feared to have been nabbed from the upstairs storage room.

At least three different models were stolen, including the Xiaomi pro 2, black with red rim, black SAB tech 9 pro, and the MS65 replicas, in both black and white.

Due to the volume of stolen items detectives believe those involved used a van or lorry to carry out the theft.

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The crooks cut through the side of Scoot-A-Boot’s unit in the town near Edinburgh late last night, before making off with the adult scooters.

They managed to avoid the CCTV within the store, but staff are hoping footage from the street could help nail them.

Owner Rory Boyd said: “They’ve cut through the side of the unit.

“We’re tying to check CCTV. They’ve managed to avoid ours because the scooters were taken from another level.

Cops were called out to Scoot-A-Boot this morning


Cops were called out to Scoot-A-Boot this morningCredit: The Sun

“They were in storage up on the top level and they’ve managed to get up without actually setting foot on the ground floor of the store.

“So we’re trying to check the CCTV from out on the street.

“Someone came in between 6am and 7am this morning and thought there had just been an attempted break-in, but we later realised the scooters were gone.”

The raid was reported to cops yesterday morning after staff made the discovery, and officers have launched a probe

Detective Constable John Lumsden from Dalkeith Police Station, said: “Initial enquiries have been carried out into this theft and we continue to review CCTV from the premises and those nearby.

“I’d ask anyone with private or business CCTV covering the area to check their footage and provide any to us as soon as possible.

“Despite this happening overnight, I’d ask anyone who may have seen any suspicious vehicles in our around the premises in the early hours of Friday morning to report any sightings to officers.

“Due to the number of stolen goods it is likely that the suspects had to load these into a van or lorry over a period of time.

“I’d ask anyone who has recently been offered an e-scooter, or seen new advertisements online for selling sites matching the above description, to report this to officers so that we can investigate.”

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Mersey produce supplier warns of HGV driver crisis – Liverpool Business News

Last updated Jun 11, 2021

A Merseyside supplier of fruit and vegetables says produce is going to waste because of a UK-wide shortage of lorry drivers. Andrew Brown reports

Lorry, truck, HGV, transport, logistics, driver
There is a national shortage of HGV drivers, says Tim O’Malley

A produce company based in Southport is warning that fruit and vegetables are rotting in cold stores because of a major shortage of HGV drivers in the UK.

Tim O’Malley, managing director of Nationwide Produce PLC, which is based in Lord Street, says the issue is “a crisis of national importance”.  And he is urging all suppliers in the industry to work with hauliers and customers to get everyone through the situation.

Blogging on the Nationwide Produce PLC website, he said: “The acute shortage of HGV drivers is now the direct cause of perfectly good, graded and packed fresh produce being dumped or rotting in cold stores, waiting for wheels to go under it.

“Supermarket shelves and restaurant plates are going empty – this is a crisis of national importance. In all my years in fresh produce I’ve never seen anything like this.

“Example – we supply one of the largest restaurant chains in the UK. It goes without saying how much they’ve suffered throughout the pandemic. However, business is booming for them at the moment.

“On Sunday, our guy who handles their account received a call from our haulier at 1pm to say that due to a shortage of lorry drivers, they cannot deliver anything to any of the depots for our restaurant customer that evening.

“We reminded them that all the goods were graded and packed and ready to go. They said they simply could not deliver due to a lack of drivers. After hours of begging and pleading we managed to get them to deliver to one of the eight depots.

Nationwide Produce PLC
Nationwide Produce PLC is based in Southport

“And we were one of a number of suppliers to the restaurant chain that the haulier was breaking the same bad news to. The restaurant chain went drastically short of fresh produce this weekend. And this is by no means an isolated incident. It’s happening throughout the industry, every day and across all sectors.

“I heard of one major supermarket chain which had 22 full loads of produce not delivered this weekend due to the shortage of drivers. Goods are being produced… but not delivered.”

Nationwide Produce PLC is one of the biggest companies supplying fruit and vegetables to supermarkets and restaurants across Britain.  The firm does  just about everything in fresh produce – growing, grading, packing, trading, importing and exporting. Group turnover for financial year 2018-19 was £144m

Established in 1975, Nationwide started life as a local produce merchant based in Southport. Mr O’Malley added: “Our haulier I refer to above has been one of our main hauliers for many years. And yet despite this I hold no grudge. Quite the opposite, I feel for them and have urged our guys to work with them to sort through such issues as it wasn’t the first and won’t be the last.

“In fairness to them, they’ve been warning us about this for a long time but we’re now starting to feel the painful reality of this long-predicted shortage of drivers.”

Mr O’Malley says some problems have arisen since Brexit, with many foreign HGV drivers returning to the EU in recent months.  He is also calling for LGV drivers to be added to the skilled labour list, removing any barriers to entry for any new drivers from  the EU.

A lack of tests for new drivers over the last 12 months has led to a shortage which is the equivalent of 20,000 new drivers, while there is an ageing UK driver force – 13% of the industry’s UK drivers are over 60, compared to only 1% under 25.

“So how can we deal with this crisis?” he asked. “There’s no quick fix. For example, when schools/universities break up for summer soon we should see a much-needed boost in staff availability, particularly for the hospitality sector. But while it may take a matter of hours to train a waiter, it takes a lot more time and money to train a lorry driver.

“The quickest fix would be government intervention to change the tax rules, add drivers to the migrant skilled labour list etc. I would urge all suppliers in the industry to work with hauliers and customers to get us through this crisis.”

This article first appeared in Stand Up For Southport[1]


  1. ^ Stand Up For Southport (

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  • Truck driver saves man by parking under M62 to stop him jumping |

    The hero parked his truck under the bridge and wouldn’t move it until the man was escorted off the bridge

    A truck driver spotted a man sitting on the edge of a bridge overhanging the M62 and took immediate action to deter a potential suicide attempt and save his life. Not all heroes wear capes – some drive lorries.


    The driver saw the distressed man hanging off the edge of the bridge and proceeded to park his lorry underneath so as to stop him from jumping. The trucker wouldn’t move the vehicle until others arrived to escort him from off the bridge. Fantastic teamwork.

    Lorry drover saves man from jumping off M62 bridge

    The story was covered by Leeds Live[1], who were quoted onlookers as having said “Well done to that lorry driver. Hope the person on the bridge gets the help they need.”, while another said, simply: “Trucker is a good human and deserves the utmost respect.”

    However, the image itself was first published on Vulnerable Citizen Support Leeds’ Facebook page[2], a local charity that works to look after the homeless and others struggling in the community.

    Not long ago, we shared their story about a young lad who went back to thank a Greggs Manager who fed him every day while he was homeless[3]. It is definitely a ‘faith in humanity restored’ kind of page.

    The admin wrote the following about the incident on the M62:



    This is a picture from the M62 Motorway Bridge – ❤️🙌 a passerby has posted it to raise…

    Posted by Vulnerable Citizen Support Leeds on Thursday, June 10, 2021[4][5]

    Like everyone else, we applaud this truck driver, whoever he is, for spotting the man and intervening when he did. There was no doubt any number of vehicles whizzing down that motorway who either didn’t see him or didn’t know what to do and kept driving. Thank you for being the one who did.

    If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts or any mental health issues, please use the following resources[6] to get the help you need right away:


    Samaritans[7] 116 123

    Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – 0800 58 58 58[8]

    Papyrus[9] (for under-35s) — Call 0800 068 41 41 or Text 07860 039967

    Childline[10] (for under-19s) — 0800 1111


    Shout Crisis Text Line[12]Text “SHOUT” to 85258

    YoungMinds Crisis Messenger[13] (for under-19s) — Text “YM” to 85258

    You can also call the 111 out of hours service and if you, or someone else life is in immediate danger, call 999 immediately.




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    A31 lorry fire causing traffic delays

    A LORRY blaze is causing hold-ups for motorists on the A31 near Stoney Cross this morning (Friday).

    Responding to a call-out around 9.40am, firefighters from Ringwood and Burley spent about an hour battling flames engulfing the large goods vehicle eastbound near Picket Post.

    The carriageway remained partially blocked between the A338 and the M27, and at around 10.40am delays of up to 50 minutes were reported to have been stretching back to Ringwood.

    Traffic was also reported to have been moving slowly eastbound on the A35 near Lyndhurst around 11.15am, with delays of about 20 minutes, after being diverted from the scene.