Trainline and Community Rail work together to inspire greener …

Community Rail Network and Trainline are working together to showcase some of Britain's most spectacular railway journeys and promote sustainable tourism and leisure travel by rail.

Community Rail Network runs the tourism campaign Scenic Rail Britain, and Trainline is to become its headline sponsor.

Scenic Rail Britain provides the information and advice that people need in order to seek out train journeys that offer great landscapes, coastal views, picturesque countryside and historical interest, and to help people find hidden gems and lesser-known routes.

Scenic Rail Britain Credit: Scenic Rail Britain

The Scenic Rail Britain website[1], social media channels and themed blogs include content from Britain's 75 community rail partnerships and 1,200 station [2] groups, which engage local communities and promote rail travel.

Trainline sells millions of tickets worldwide every year, and intends to bring its experience to help with the growth and development of Scenic Rail Britain.

The two bodies hope that as leisure travel by rail increases post-pandemic[3], their partnership will help people to plan days out, short breaks or longer travel by rail. They will work together to offer informative line guides and practical information such as distance and journey times. Both prioritise encouraging people to shift from road to rail, as evidence shows that this is important in tackling the climate emergency and benefiting local areas.

Trainline runs the ‘I Came by Train' campaign, which highlights the green credentials of rail travel, pointing out that it is on average seven times less polluting than car travel. Analysis by Community Rail Network shows that for a thirty-mile journey, travelling by train causes up to 86% less emissions compared with using a large petrol car.

Jools Townsend, chief executive of Community Rail Network said: “Many people don't realise the scope for seeing Britain's stunning landscapes and historic sites by rail, and making use of our wonderful, often little-known, community rail lines and stations is a great way to do this.

“Through Scenic Rail Britain we help to raise awareness about rail as one of the greenest ways to travel – especially when combined with walking, cycling and buses – while avoiding traffic jams, parking and pollution.

“That's why we're thrilled to announce our new partnership with Trainline. We look forward to drawing on their expertise to grow community rail's impact and encourage even more people to take greener, healthier scenic journeys by rail.”

Pete Wade, Chief Commercial Office at Trainline, said: “We're delighted to partner with Community Rail Network and build wider public awareness of some of Britain's most beautiful rail lines. Encouraging more interest in train travel and building demand for rail is important at every level, and we're proud to help showcase rail's hidden gems and bring them to a wider audience.”


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