Mum holding baby son cowers on the side of Tel Aviv motorway as air raid siren blares

Hamas has started targeting missiles at the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, and the Mirror witnesses terrified motorists run for cover as air raid sirens ring out

Young mum cowers with son as rockets attack Tel Aviv

A young mum cowers by the side of a motorway in Tel Aviv, her son in her arms, as an air raid siren rings out.

The Mirror was in a long line of motorists who were forced to take cover as Hamas missiles targeted the city[1]. The mother got out of her car to take her toddler son in her arms at the side of the road.

She shook her head and offered words of comfort as the siren signalled an end to the danger minutes later. Two women were injured by shrapnel in the same attack. One was hit in her car.

Hamas[2] said the strikes were in response to the growing number of civilian deaths in Gaza[3]. The Israeli[4] military says some 9,500 missiles, rockets and drones have been fired at Israel since the war began.

Meanwhile, missiles hit three hospitals[5] in Gaza overnight. Israel has accused Hamas fighters of using the Shifa Hospital complex as its main command centre, which the militant group and hospital staff deny. Thousands of refugees are in and around Shifa Hospital, Gaza's largest, hoping it will be safer than their homes or United Nations shelters in the north.

A YOUNG mum cowers by the side of a motorway in Tel Aviv, her son in her arms, as an air raid siren rings out. A young mum cowers by the side of a motorway in Tel Aviv, holding her young son as an air raid siren rings out(Andy Stenning)

Israeli troops were around two miles from the hospital, according to its director. Early today, Israel struck the Shifa courtyard and the obstetrics department, according to the head of the Hamas-run media office in Gaza, Salama Maarouf. A video at the scene recorded the sound of incoming fire[6] waking people up in their makeshift shelters in the courtyard, followed by screams for an ambulance. Mr Maarouf told the television network Al Jazeera that strikes were carried out near three hospitals in total, but gave no casualty figures.

Elsewhere, the frightening arsenal of weapons used by Hamas[7] in the October 7 attacks were put on public display for the first time today. Israel's[8] Institute for Weapons Research revealed the military hardware, missiles and ammo which killed 1400 men, women and children. At least 15 percent were made and supplied by Iran, including hi-tech drones.

Others came from North Korea, were 'home made' in Gaza or 50-year old devices from the old Soviet Union. Some were marked 'Brigades of Qassam', the name of the Gaza militia behind the attacks. Many home made rockets also carried the badges and insignia of Hamas. An expert identified only as 'Colonel G', wearing a face mask to conceal his identity, gave a talk in a military compound in southern Israel showing deadly Thermobaric grenades. He explained how they disperse a deadly gas of liquid explosives which reach more than 3000C in a second.


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