AV Dawson first business to adopt Freeport, powered by KLIK

A central hub for all employment, career and development opportunities associated with the UK Freeports, 'Freeport[1]' is open to businesses looking for talent within the Freeport sector and for individuals interested in working within the industry.

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The website is powered by software KLIK’, which has been created to disrupt and transform the recruitment sector.

Freeport is the first Careers & Community SaaS platform powered by KLIK. It was created to provide a one-stop engaged community.

Kelly M. Whitfield, founder and CEO of KLIK UK (SaaS) Ltd, said: “For an eminent business such as AV Dawson to recognise and believe in our innovation, marks an exciting milestone in KLIK’s development.

“This partnership demonstrates the huge potential of what we have created and the mission we are on - to provide the technology to power wholly immersive, connected and engaging communities online.”

Louise Croce, People and Culture Director at AV Dawson, said: “We are delighted to have implemented Freeport within our business. It’s a unique piece of software never used before.

“With the recruitment market becoming increasingly competitive, this is an alternative approach to acquiring talent while working alongside and supporting other businesses within the Teesside Freeport. The platform allows us to directly connect and collaborate with businesses across the Freeport zones, which is hugely beneficial.”

Platform members can access a wealth of content from a wide range of relevant training courses and are encouraged to engage and interact with other members. Businesses that utilise the platform can benefit from skills-based training, building strong networks, and can also advertise vacancies.

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Louise continued: “We are all about collaboration here at AV Dawson and joining forces with businesses who would like to create opportunities across the region is something we are excited to be a part of.

“Developing future talent is something we heavily focus on as a company and inspiring the next generation of leaders is something we absolutely want to do – what better place to do it than right here, right now in Teesside.”

AV Dawson is part of the Teesside Freeport - the UK’s first and largest Freeport - as a secondary customs zone business, with more than 20 freeport sub-zones on site, including a 1km quayside, Newport Park and Cobra Rail Freight Terminal.


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