Woman hits out at yobs who threw apple into moving car

A woman was left terrified after a group of kids threw an apple through the window of a moving car. She said the apple ‘exploded’ and ‘could have killed someone’.

Chelsea Dann, from Castle Bromwich, was travelling in a taxi with her mum on Water Orton Road when the incident happened.

Luckily she was unharmed, although it left her shaken, BirminghamLive reports.[1]

Members of a local Facebook group slammed the ‘dangerous’ behaviour of those responsible and rushed to support Chelsea, who performs under the stage name CHELJI.

“I was in the back of a taxi with my mum,” she said. “Out of nowhere I heard a really loud bang.

“I looked down and saw little bits of apple on my lap. Someone had thrown an apple at the car, it hit the window and exploded - there were pieces everywhere.

The alleged incident occured on Water Orton Road. The alleged incident occured on Water Orton Road.

“Five minutes earlier I put my window halfway up - it was completely down before that. If I hadn't put my window up I would be in hospital right now.”

The driver slammed his brakes on when the incident happened.

Chelsea has been left so shaken she says she is never putting her windows down again.

“I was laughing at the time but if it had hit a vulnerable person it would have had a serious impact,” she said.

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