Officers left shocked after car with only THREE wheels caught driving on M4

A car with a missing wheel was being driven on the M4 i(Image: Wiltshire Police)/i

A car with a missing wheel was being driven on the M4 (Image: Wiltshire Police)

Wiltshire Police has revealed the shocking state of some of the cars they have found on the county's roads.

In two updates from the force's Roads Policing Unit (RPU) provided via the Wiltshire Specialist Operations Twitter page, officers revealed some of the banged-up motors they've had to pull over

This week in Swindon RPU officers had to pull over a black car for what they said was an 'obvious defect'.

And last month, a car that had clearly been in a nasty accident was being driven on the M4 motorway, with people not needing to be 'a vehicle examiner' to see what was wrong.

The drivers of both vehicles were reported to court for getting behind the wheel of a car with serious defects.

In the first incident, on Tuesday, September 4, a spokesperson said in a tweet: "RPU stopped this vehicle in Swindon[1] with some obvious defects requiring our attention. Immediate prohibition. Driver reported for a dangerous condition.

And in the second, which happened last month, they said: "RPU prohibited this vehicle on the M4 last night. You don’t have to be a vehicle examiner to see the dangerous defects here. Driver reported to court.


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