Lorry stuck on Rainbow Hill and Lansdowne Road | Worcester News

The large vehicle was unable to make the turn between the steep Lansdowne Road onto Rainbow Hill.

It was heading in the direction of Lowesmoor and the city centre when it became stuck blocking the entire road.

Rainbow Hill, which would usually be busy with rush hour traffic, was eerily quiet as police closed the two roads.

Officers at the scene warned it could take a couple of hours to remove the vehicle after it became stuck at just before 5pm today (Friday).

Drivers were asked to find an alternative route leading to heavy traffic on other roads around the city.

Staff from Worcestershire Highways were called to the scene while a specialist vehicle had to be called to remove the transporter which was carrying ten cars.

A neighbour watching the unfolding drama said: “The hydraulics seem to have gone from the lorry.

LIVE UPDATES: Lorry blocks main road into city centre[1]

“it looks as if the lorry was too big for the tunnel at the bottom of the hill anyway so not too sure why he was coming down here.”

Another person watching the incident added: “He has seemingly grounded the lorry and it looks as if a jack is needed to help him.”

Worcester News: STUCK: The car transporter stuck on Rainbow HillSTUCK: The car transporter stuck on Rainbow Hill (Image: Newsquest)

A police officer at the scene told Worcester News: “He has grounded the vehicle and it could be a few hours yet until this is resolved. 

“Specialist vehicles are on the way to help the situation and the road will remain closed."

The spectacle gathered a large crowd as pedestrians stopped to look at what happened.

Drivers travelling up Rainbow Hill have been asked to turn around and go back towards Lowesmoor.

Worcester News: BLOCK: Police on Lansdowne Road BLOCK: Police on Lansdowne Road (Image: Newsquest)

Drivers also used Belmont Street to drive down to get around the road closure.

At just after 5.15pm, a recovery truck arrived at the scene but the closure was expected to continue while it worked to free the large vehicle.

Rainbow Hill and Lansdowne Road remained closed while the Worcester News went to press.


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