Charity and union donate lifesaving kit to Dudley’s Coseley station

The Daniel Baird Foundation and Unite the Union have donated a cabinet containing equipment to control bleeding at a busy commuter station in Dudley.

The new cabinet will be accessible to the public at [1] station, which is run by [2]. It will house a bleed control kit which can be accessed 24 hours a day in the event of an incident or accident, whether on the station itself or on the busy road outside or by neighbouring houses.

The foundation and the union have made the donation to support the work that Labour Councillor Keiran Casey is doing in Dudley to improve community safety. The kit housed in the cabinet can be used to seal wounds and stop bleeding whilst help is on the way from emergency services.

The Daniel Baird Foundation is a [3] set up by Lynn Baird MBE after her son, Daniel, was fatally stabbed in July 2017, and last year installed a similar cabinet at Edinburgh Haymarket station.[4]  Unite the Union is the largest trade union in the UK, and represents some workers in the railway industry.

New lifesaving equipment installed at Haymarket railway station Bleed control cabinet installed a [5] station last year // Credit: ScotRail

Angela Prescott, health, safety, security and [6] director at [7], said: “We are delighted to support this important cause by installing a bleed control cabinet at [8] thanks to the kind donation of the Daniel Baird Foundation and Unite.

“These cabinets can be crucial in saving lives by giving valuable additional minutes to people in critical conditions. We want passengers travelling through our stations to feel safe and we will soon be rolling out more of these kits across our network.

“I would like to thank Councillor Casey and Lynne Baird for their essential work in improving safety in the community.”

Lynne Baird, founder of the Daniel Baird Foundation, said: “It's fantastic that we have been able to work with everyone involved to get one of these cabinets installed on Coseley railway station, which is the first cabinet on the busy line between [9] and [10].

“There's no doubt that these kits can save lives in the vital minutes after an accident or when someone is injured, so a big thank you to local councillor Keiran Casey for his work in supporting me in my campaign to get these kits in as many areas as possible and of course to [11] Railway for agreeing to have this on their station.”

Councillor Keiran Casey said: “These are really vital pieces of equipment that can save lives and we are really glad we have been able to work with everyone involved to get this installed in our local area to further improve safety and access to these kits for local residents.”

“A massive thank you to Lynne and Unite for donating this equipment and for the work she and the foundation are doing to improve community safety right across the [12], as well as to West [13] Railway for their support in getting this installed at their station Coseley.”


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