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Fertilizer Canada welcomes amendments to the transportation information regulations

Statement by Karen Proud, President and CEO of Fertilizer Canada: “Fertilizer Canada supports Transport Canada’s amendments to the Transportation Information Regulations, which will provide greater transparency for rail service and better data to inform government and industry decision-making. Fertilizer Canada provided recommendations throughout the consultation process, and we are pleased to see these amendments finalised.”

This is a positive step in strengthening Canada’s supply chains, however, this does not address the critical is-sue of disruptions, including labour and jurisdictional issues.

To ensure Canada remains to be seen as a reliable trading partner and Canadians have access to reliable, economically priced goods the government must contin-ue to expeditiously implement other supply chain initiatives, including the recommendations from the Final Re-port of the National Supply Chain Task Force.”

Read the article online at: https://www.worldfertilizer.com/materials-handling/11012023/fertilizer-canada-welcomes-amendments-to-the-transportation-information-regulations/