What Is A Food Truck And Its Caloric Danger

Perhaps you've noticed this new trend if you've left the house during the spring and summer. food trucks on the streets. Basically, we are talking about trucks that are capable of sending fast food to fairs and open spaces. But there is a danger to its calories.

The advantage for its owners is that they can take their "mobile restaurant" wherever they want without the limitation of staying in one place. This is why all outdoor events have recently been the presence of food trucks and their food vendors.

The danger of its calories

However, this tendency which may seem harmless at first, It is a big threat to our health. Internationally recognized organizations such as the European Medical Institute of Obesity have warned of these dangers. Obviously it will always be more beneficial for health Prepare Tupperware with Homemade Food Compared to pre-cooked dishes, which look great, but they have some drawbacks from the nutritional point of view.

At the moment, these food trucks are not allowed to be sold on the streets, except at concerts, markets and private events. Municipalities have the final word when it comes to granting these licenses. Some of Europe's major cities, such as Paris, have long passed a rule that allows sell their dishes in fifty areas of the capital, Undoubtedly, this type of restaurant on wheels creates a sensation among fast food consumers, but also among entrepreneurs who intend to set up their business without much expense or investment.

IMEO experts point out that this type of truck fits perfectly into the life model of Americans, but it may not be the most convenient for that society high obesity rates And with high mortality rates also resulting from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and cancer. All this will change if a healthy eating model is implemented, where Vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes had a greater role Instead of saturated fat, processed meat, refined flour and sugars. Maybe we shouldn't be following in the footsteps of the country where fast food originated.

These products provide many calories and contribute to excess weight among people who consume them with some regularity. It is possible that a single meal from the food trucks consumed all the energy needed for the entire day. Hot it is usually more digestible and its consumption is not recommended in minors, as it increases the effects of indigestion.

One of these IMEO experts explains that if a person weighing 60 kg takes the full menu of dishes offered with hamburger, fries, muffins and cola, he The stomach will load about 1,700 calories, It would take a little over eight hours of walking to burn it off, so think about it before you eat it.

Why should you avoid the food truck?

These fast food trucks can have a bad gastronomic effect on both adults and especially minors. Amazing to look at, children and teens are often fascinated by them and They Can't Help Asking Their Parents to Eat Something, After all, many adults too can succumb to the temptation to buy their own pizza, hamburger, etc. The problem is that we're surrounded by food trucks almost every day during festival time, and that's just North American custom. It prompts us to eat foods high in fat and sugar. Which most fast food trucks offer.

While there's nothing wrong with buying something from them from time to time and we all love to upload a photo on Instagram with our products, how many times a month should we resort to a food truck and get fried more than anything?

Things should be limited. their menu options.

Otherwise, we will add more calories than the body needs, and more weight will soon appear.