US: Possible nationwide freight rail strike Sept. 16

13 Sep 2022 | 06:27 PM UTC

Possible freight rail strike across the US Sept.

16; Transport disruptions likely. Reconfirm rail services before travel.

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Tens of thousands of freight rail workers represented by multiple unions have threatened to begin an indefinite strike Sept.

16. Though the unions threatening to strike represent employees of freight companies, the labor action could also affect passenger rail; Amtrak, for example, has already begun to preemptively limit services on some long-range passenger routes because they traverse rails owned by striking freight companies. Furthermore, if a strike occurs, railroad workers affiliated with non-striking unions may refuse to cross picket lines, causing further disruptions.

Unless averted, the labor action will severely disrupt freight cargo transport. Passenger rail transport, especially outside the northeast US, would likely see significant delays and cancellations. Demand for alternative forms of transportation would also be likely to increase.


Reconfirm rail services Sept 16.

Plan for potential disruptions when shipping cargo and consider delaying travel or finding alternative forms of transport.