Siemens and Quantron order Ballard fuel cells

The Canadian fuel cell manufacturer Ballard Power Systems has been awarded two large orders. Siemens Mobility wants to use Ballard fuel cells in hydrogen trains, while Quantron wants to install Ballard fuel cells in heavy trucks. In the deal for Ballard fuel cells for trains with Siemens, Ballard has revealed that Siemens Mobility is ordering 14 fuel cell modules with an output of 200 kW each for use in the seven H2 trains of the type Mireo Plus H.

These are to go into operation in the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region at the end of 2024. The two-car Mireo Plus H trains contain 400 kW of fuel cell power, while the train's traction system has an output of up to 1.7 MW, and the difference is then buffered from the train's batteries - for example, for the short-term power requirement when starting up. In addition to this firm order, Siemens Mobility has signed a letter of intent with Ballard for the delivery of 200 more fuel cell modules with a total output of 40 MW over the next six years, with a firm commitment for 100 of the modules.

These will also be used in Siemens Mireo Plus H trains. David Mucciacciaro, Ballard Chief Commercial Officer said: "This is a significant milestone for our multi-year collaboration efforts with Siemens Mobility and the future of zero-emission commuter rail in Europe." He extrapolated: "Our fuel cell technology is an ideal solution to support the heavy payload, long range and rapid refuelling requirements of Siemen Mobility's passenger train fleet." Mucciacciaro went on to say that Ballard is thrilled to be supporting the Berlin and Brandenburg region's first hydrogen-powered rail network.

Ballard fuel cells for trucks with Quantron

Following Ballard Power Systems' recent investment in Quantron AG to accelerate the introduction of fuel cell trucks, Quantron has now committed to purchasing 140 FCmove modules from Ballard with a total capacity of approximately 17 MW, with an option to purchase a further 50 units. The fuel cell modules are scheduled for delivery to Quantron in 2023 and 2024.

With a total output of around 17 MW and 140 modules, this results in an output of 120 kW per module. This may well be the FC move-XD 120 kW fuel cell newly developed by Ballard: At the IAA Transportation, Quantron presented the QHM FCEV scissor-type semitrailer tractor, which, depending on the version, is supposed to be able to cover up to 1,500 kilometres on one tank of fuel. This fairly spectacular range is to be achieved with two 120 kW modules from Ballard.

Accounting for the fact that there are  FC modules per vehicle and 140 modules ordered by 2024, it might well be that Quantorn expects to sell 70 QHM FCEVs in the next two years, although it is, of course, possible that will use the 120 kW modules in other vehicles.

"We are seeing growing global demand and policy support for zero-emission transport as companies strive to reach decarbonization targets," noted Randy MacEwen, CEO of Ballard Power Systems. "This collaboration accelerates our entry into the European truck market and aims to have Quantron's initial hydrogen-powered, zero-emission trucks on the road in the next 18 months," he revealed. (Siemens), (Ballard)