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P&WC PW812GA Engine for G400 Gets Transport Canada Nod

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) received Transport Canada Civil Aviation approval for its PW812GA engine that will power the Gulfstream G400, the Montreal-based company said today. The G400, launched by Gulfstream Aerospace in October, is slated to begin flight testing early next year. "We worked closely with Transport Canada to create an efficient and thorough certification process that successfully led us to this point," said P&WC president Maria Della Posta. "When it enters into service [in early 2025], the G400 will be the third Gulfstream model to rely on our PW800 engine family.

We are gratified by the steady progress the PW800 engine family has achieved based on its ability to deliver a new level of performance and efficiency to the large-cabin business aircraft class." According to P&WC, the PW812GA showed "exceptional performance" during more than 3,400 hours of engine testing, including 260 hours of flight testing. Overall, the PW800 family--which includes the PW814GA and PW815GA that respectively power the G500 and G600--has logged more than 144,000 hours since service entry, in addition to some 30,000 hours of ground and flight testing.

The company also said the PW800 family requires 40 percent less scheduled maintenance and 20 percent fewer inspections than other engines in its class.