Narrow Aisle ramps up in US, United States. News story in Forkliftaction News

Narrow Aisle invests more in AmericaNarrow Aisle invests more in America

Following the announcement in June of a significant investment in its distribution capacity across the USA, South and Central America, Narrow Aisle Ltd has made a further major financial commitment to the US market that will see production output from the company's facility in Houston, Texas increase appreciably over the next three years. John Maguire, managing director of Narrow Aisle Ltd, says America has long been one of the most important markets for the Flexi Truck's range of VNA trucks "and we believe that there is huge potential to grow Flexi Truck sales in the US even further".  "We aim to make the Flexi Truck available to many more customers in North America as our increased production capacity is brought to bear." 

The Flexi Truck's articulated design delivers safe and highly space- and throughput-efficient operation within narrow aisle storage units. Models in the Flexi Truck range are adapted for the US market by the use of three- or four-stage quad masts which, when lowered, allow the trucks to be driven into the back of a waiting semi-trailer to retrieve or deposit pallets straight off a dock. The product is ideally suited to working in loading docks and within narrow aisle stores, which means fewer trucks are required to move more pallets.

Manufactured to meet the globally recognised ISO/TPS quality standards, using tier one components, well over 15,000 Flexi Truck machines have been supplied to users in more than 70 different countries worldwide.