Mbalula: Govt wants to move 10% cargo from road to rail

It's one of the many solutions being considered by the government as it explores initiatives to reduce truck-related crashes.  Mbalula says driver error contributed to last week's deadly crash in Pongola on the N2.  The Road Traffic Management Corporation found that the driver of the articulated truck overtook multiple vehicles - forcing them to swerve out of the way. 

He crossed no overtaking lines and continued to drive dangerously and recklessly on the oncoming lane for 1.2km.   READ: Mbalula: Driver error to blame for Pongola crash The truck slammed into a bakkie killing 18 schoolchildren, a teaching assistant and a driver. 

Mbalula released the findings of the RTMC's probe in northern KZN on Thursday.  "The law enforcement and engineering solutions will be further reinforced by accelerated interventions to realise the targeted movement of 10% of freight currently transported by road to rail.  "We are working on Transnet on giving this matter a practical solution.

A number of solutions are being considered that will expedite the migration of cargo from road to rail in a number of corridors.

"This remains a critical part of our strategy, to decisively erase carnage on our roads."