Malawi: Truck drivers call for a nationwide strike, Sept. 19

17 Sep 2022 | 03:32 AM UTC

Truck drivers call for a nationwide strike in Malawi, Sept.

19. Related protests are likely.

security transportation



The Professional Drivers Union of Malawi (PRODUM) has called for a nationwide strike Sept.

19 over a salary-related grievance. Participating drivers are likely to conduct some related protest action, including but not limited to go-slow convoys, roadblocks, and gatherings near government buildings in major cities. Disruptions to freight cargo transport are likely during the strike action.

Security forces are likely to deploy to monitor related gatherings. If protesters ignore police orders to disperse, clashes are possible. Protest action along roads is likely to disrupt the movement of vehicles.

PRODUM could announce further strike or protest action in the coming days and weeks if its demands are not met.


Avoid all protests. Do not drive through roadblocks. Plan for disruptions to road travel.

Heed the instructions of security officials.