Goodyear debuts 60% ‘sustainable’ truck tire

HANNOVER, Germany -- Goodyear has built a truck tire model made with 63% sustainable-material content, a feat the tire maker said demonstrates its focus on selecting more sustainable materials for its products. The sustainable-material demonstration truck tire -- on display at the IAA Transportation 2022 exhibition in Hannover -- includes 15 ingredients across 20 tire components that Goodyear considers "sustainable." The tire is Goodyear's latest step on its path to achieving a fully sustainable tire on the market by 2030.

The demonstration tire carries the European Union fuel-efficiency label of "A," which Goodyear said means it can offer the same fuel saving as the most efficient commercially available Goodyear truck tires on the market.

Among the materials in the tire that Goodyear considers sustainable are:

  • Recycled carbon blacks that are produced from plant-based oil, end-of-life tire pyrolysis oil, carbon dioxide capture and conversion and/or a low-carbon methane pyrolysis process;
  • Rapeseed oil in place of petroleum-based processing oils; in this demonstration tire were replaced by the use of rapeseed oil.
  • Silica derived from rice husk ash, a byproduct of rice processing that is often discarded and put into landfills;
  • Polyester tire cord made from fibers based on recycled plastic bottles and other plastic waste;

In the future, tires like the one being shown at the IAA Commercial can be connected and monitor a variety of tire health parameters, Goodyear said, which could lead to reducing waste and increasing efficiency by maintaining ideal pressure and tire condition.

Gregory Boucharlat, vice president commercial, Europe, noted in comments made at the expo that integrating products and mobility solutions under the Goodyear Total Mobility umbrella "can further support our customers in the demanding transport market and help them in achieving their own sustainability goals."

Goodyear did not say whether -- or how soon -- products based on the demonstration tire being shown would eventually be sold commercially or at what price premium versus more conventionally sourced tires.

The Goodyear Total Mobility initiative is an end-to-end fleet offering that brings together the firm's full range of premium commercial truck tires, its suite of data-driven monitoring and predictive analytics solutions, and more than 2,000 service locations across Europe, Boucharlat explained.

The showing of the demonstration truck tire at the Hannover show comes eight months after Goodyear revealed a version of its Assurance all-season tire using 70% sustainable-material content.