Dildos and lubricant appear to spill from truck following US highway crash


A collision on Oklahoma's interstate highway 40 caused social media to ignite after it emerged that dildos and lubricant were believed to be among the items spilled onto the road. The crash occurred on Wednesday when a semi-truck collided with a box-truck near Mustang Road on the I-40, not far from Oklahoma City, News9 reported. The TV station sent a helicopter into the air to capture the wrecked cargo, which according to independent Oklahoma news site The Lost Ogle was not far from "a major adult-product-focused distribution hub".

While it was unclear from the video footage what the boxes were, the website said "that sure looks like a bunch of vibrator boxes and tubes of lube scatter over the highway". Zoomed-in images appeared to show the outline of a dildo or "fake phallus" on the side of boxes, Australia's Daily Telegraph suggested as news of the Oklahoma spillage made global headlines. News9's helicopter pilot and anchor Jim Gardner meanwhile appeared to hint at the contents of the spillage in an awkward interview with co-host Lacey Lowery, who asked: "What he's carrying there?

What's all over the road?"

pA zoomed-in image of the highway spillage

A zoomed-in image of the highway spillage (News9)

Answering after a long silence, Mr Gardner replied "well, not really, maybe you can tell. I can't tell.

The good thing is the driver's not injured, but there's a lot of stuff laying on the road." He continued: "Whatever it is, it's gonna take a while to clean up". The highway was reportedly closed for several hours as crews from Oklahoma Highway Patrol worked to clean up the spillage, News9 reported.

Meanwhile on Twitter, a video of the collision's aftermath has been viewed over 3.9m times while tens of thousands of comments and jokes related to the adult contents of the semi-truck.

The Independent has approached the Mustang Police Department for comment.